Where all the empires landed for Jerusalem - Akko, Israel

Akko was settled as an urban center during the Bronze Age and has been continuously inhabited since then. The battleships of Persian empire, Roman empire, Byzantine empire, Islamic empire, The Crusade, Ottoman empire all landed at Akko marching toward the holy city Jerusalem. Jews also landed at Akko when they came back to Israel from Europe in 13-15th centuries. The port of Akko no longer serve the Navy but was converted to a commercial port for fishermen and tourists. Akko is a strategic place for the Israeli army because the city is located near Lebanese border along with another Israeli city Nahariyya.

Israel had both direct and indirect wars against Lebanon such as Arab-Israeli War in 1948, the Six Day war in 1967, Lebanese Civil War in 1975-1990, Lebanon War in 1982-1985, Border Clashes in 2000-2006, and Lebanon War in 2006. Iran and Syria support Hezbollah in Lebanon which is a threat to Israel, worse than Hamas in Gaza. Akko has a large Arab population – mainly Muslims but some are Arab Christians – and many streets have road signs and names only in Arabic language, not in Hebrew. Mosques and Christian churches are easily found in Akko, just like any other Israeli cities.

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