CoExistence - The goal of religion is Peace and Freedom

If religion becomes reason and purpose of bloody fights, then religion is no longer religion but is a manipulated political or social ideology achieving profits. All religions must live together side by side in peace. Co-existence is a beautiful thing and all religious people must learn how to live together without blood in streets. For this reason, Israel is a very impressive country because you can see Mosques, Islamic monuments, Christian churches, Christian sites everywhere side by side even though the country is the Jewish State of Israel that belongs to the Judaism.

Muslims can construct Mosques and can freely pray anywhere even in street or petrol station, of course, Jews and Christians do the same in Israel. Ironically, one of the most beautiful Islamic temples in the world is located in Israel and is still protected by Israel. Jews also celebrate Christmas but in a very different way of religious co-existence. They celebrate Christmas for Judaism, Christianity and Islam all together on the same day. Some photographs of a Mosque were taken when the Sand storm hit Israel, therefore, the sky was all yellow. Let’s co-exist.

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