Life is good when it comes with the Nature, Safety, Infrastructure, and a Job

It surely is a boring life to live in concrete jungle for 24 hours. The green space within the city makes life easier and meaningful. Norway’s Oslo is the most green city in Europe with 68% of public green space while Austria’s Vienna (45.5%) and Switzerland’s Zurich (41%) also pleasing its citizens. Sweden’s Stockholm (40%) and Finland’s Helsinki (40%) are also marked on the list of pleasant life. However, London (33%), Berlin (30%), Paris (9.5%) still need to improve life of citizens. – Statistics from World Cities Culture Forum. On the other hand, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy are the worst criminal countries in Europe while Switzerland and Austria are the safest in Europe.

Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands are quite or relatively safer than other European countries. – Statistics from Numbeo and European Union. However, Natural environment and Safety aren’t the only factors that make people happy. Finance (employment), Immigration, Cultural assets (culinary, shopping, artistic environments, etc) and Social infrastructure (school, hospital, public service, etc) are another main players that make people happy. According to 2018 World Happiness Report,  Finland is the happiest country in the world with Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Switzerland holding the next top positions. However, the Happy Planet Index (HPI) shows a little different data that marks Norway and Switzerland the happiest nations.

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