Destructive Immigration or Selective Immigration

European nations accepted millions of refugees and asylum seekers ‘without knowing’ if they are truly refugees. By December 2017, UNHCR counted 1,000,000 asylum applications for refugees in the European Union. Years later, it was revealed that many of those were fake refugees who have crossed borders on financial purposes or radical religious purposes – in other word, terrorism. Attackers of Brussels and Barcelona were identified as registered refugees who came to Europe among those millions of other refugees. For authorities, identifying true refugees and fake refugees out of millions is like searching for a lost ring at the beach.

Immigration is absolutely necessary for the future of Europe as the fertility rate is extremely low among EU nations, therefore, cannot maintain industries and economy, even national defense. However, destructive immigration, as we have seen in 2013-2016, makes everything even worse. On the other hand, selective immigration for those who came with high professional skills (technology, art, music, engineering, cuisine, sport, just anything but skilled) or possession of capital (ability of creating businesses and producing employments) must be welcomed.

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