Lake of Léman - Shared by France and Switzerland
Religion must be Peace and Freedom
The Rich gets richer and the Poor gets poorer
Catholic priests have the immunity of child sex abuse
The Dead Sea in Israel is the lowest level of the Earth
465 billion passenger-kilometres in the EU in 2017
Nearly 20% of all couples are divorced in the EU
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Europe is connected by high speed trains
Steve Jobs changed the World
The world's most visited city is Paris, France
Savoy became France by Napoleon Bonaparte
War Art in Israel - The Battlefield
Government of Banks, by banks, for banks
War isn't far and will come again sometimes
The Judea desert in Israel
Düsseldorf, Germany
A lone traveler
Germans are world famous car lovers
French Savoy - Annecy, France
Golan, Israel near from Syria
A creepy battlefield in Israel
The Negev desert, Israel
Frankfurt, Germany
Did Euro give us comfort or misery ?
Léman lake is one of borders of France and Switzerland
Annecy, France, a few kilometers from Italy and Switzerland
Are you ready for your death that is coming soon ?
Religious freedom comes from Haifa, Israel
Arabs left, Jews came in - West Bank, Israel
A mosque in Tel Aviv, Israel
Les Misérables - Frankfurt, Germany
The Sun is still there - Akko, Israel
Electric car campaign is disregarded by the public
60% of elderly people face the poverty in France
Not everyone's rich in Switzerland either
A heavily guarded border of Israel - Egypt
A casual border of Israel - Jordan
Where people met Jesus - Galilee, Israel
Beauty of time - An old pianist and an old piano
War art in Israel - Why did you desert me, Lord ?
Pray for the Peace in Jerusalem
No man can travel from Israel to Lebanon but birds
No man can travel from Israel to Lebanon but birds
Europe's demographic disaster - Babies needed
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