Transportation - A key of successful Economy and Environment

Dutch people are internationally well known bikers and no country can do better than the Netherlands. However, people ride bikes too fast on bike paths and many tourists got hurt by bike accidents. French people are not bike friendly at all and use a lot of motorbikes instead which are obviously very noisy, dangerous, and polluting. However, France has very well developed urban public transportation system. All cities are inter-connected by both bus and train, therefore, you don’t really need to drive in France. However, riding on French highway isn’t free but very expensive. This fact makes French economy worse than other countries because both people and companies cannot freely move around for finding job or doing business.

This is one of reasons why unemployment rate in France is much higher than Germany. German people are internationally well known car lovers – but sometimes notorious for the speed -, and train loving Swiss people laugh about the Germans. Germans travel much more than other Europeans, therefore, the use of flights is very frequent in Germany. Train system in Germany is very good, just like France, despite negative reputation that the Swiss has over Germans. Germans bike much more than other Europeans but still less than Dutch and Swiss people. Inter-city bus system is very poor in Germany when compared to France.

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