Symbols of the French imperialism - Napoleon Bonaparte

Imperialism has never been blamed in Europe as it is considered either a glorious period of history or a natural part of historical flow. However, the Imperialism may be understood differently for the victims. Nevertheless, the Napoleonic War was very different than any other wars. About 7 million people died because of Napoleon’s ambition but his war generated positive effects in history too. Science has been rapidly developed by the new measurement (the Metrics) that was developed by French scientists and implemented by Napoleon in every European nation¬†

in order to standardize industrial and trade transactions, many Kingdoms and Empires disappeared or transformed to (except his own) modern meaning of civil nations as Napoleon transferred French revolution to other nations (until he declared himself an emperor), legislative improvements started with new modern concepts of Civil laws, and army has been modernized as Napoleon introduced global standard of army structure. Despite the disappointment of Ludwig van Beethoven, the French emperor was a militant dictator but with a very smart brain. Fortunately.

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