The House of Savoy - A tragic history

The House of Savoy is a royal family (Duchy) that was established in 1003 in the historical Savoy region. Some parts of France, Switzerland, Italy were territories of the Savoy before such as Annecy, Chambery, Nice, Canne in France, Canton of Vaud in Switzerland, Torino in Italy.  Emmanuel Philibert of the Savoy moved the capital of the Duchy from Chambéry, France to Torino, Italy when his castle was burnt by accidental fire. The linen cloth of Jesus Christ which is now known as The Shroud of Torino was moved from Chambery, France to Torino, Italy along with Emmanuel Philibert. The House of Savoy didn’t last long due to a series of French invasions under Charles VIII, Charles V, Francis I, and the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Currently the leadership of the House of Savoy is contested by Vittorio Emanuele who is claimed to be Prince of Naples, King of Italy, Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta, and still claims the title of Duke of Savoy.

The Residences of the Royal House of Savoy in Torino and the neighborhood are protected as a World Heritage Site while the old castle of the Savoy in Chambery, France is now used as local government building. The remaining members of the House of Savoy, like dynasties of other abolished monarchies, still believe the modern Swiss Canton of Vaud – where they occupied the Château of Chillon in Switzerland – belongs to them but their access to it was cut by the Canton of Geneva during the Protestant Reformation. Photographs underneath show the current images of French High Savoy (Annecy, Evian, Yvoire) and French Low Savoy (Chambery) as well as Swiss Canton of Vaud. Some people live in French Savoy still reject they are a part of France even though they have French passport and want to declare an independent state. Savoy people in France still have their own cuisine and linguistic accent. French government divided Savoy into High Savoy and Low Savoy in order to separate Savoy people.

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