The Judea and Samaria - Land of Conflicts

The West Bank (English), La Cisjordanie (French), Das Westjordanland (German) are another names of ‘Judea and Samaria’ when Europeans and Americans refers to this region of Israel. Of course, Jews always call it ‘Judea and Samaria’ as written on the Bible. Jews want to go back to the land of their ancestors while Arab Muslims want to continue to live there as they used to do. Many Arab houses and towns have been bulldozed in order to make new Jewish homes and towns, new highways, new parks, schools, hospitals or even new military bases. Politics is too complicate to talk about. However, one question raised in mind, “Where did Arabs go when they have been removed ?”.

Arabs in Israel are originally and mainly came from Jordan, Syria, and Egypt a long time ago. However, those Arab countries do not recognize Arabs in Israel are their citizens and Israel doesn’t recognize them either. Then again, “Where did those Arabs go or Where can they go ?” It’s sad that nobody has an answer. Israel surely is the Jewish State of Israel, not an Islamic nation. However, people must learn how to live together side by side without bloody fights. If religion is the reason or cause of fights, then let the religion die but let the people live together in peace and freedom. Life is short, no time to fight, and I am sure that the bloody dispute isn’t what God wants.

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